Nintendo unveils new console

Video courtesy of YouTube


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Following months of rumors and speculation, Nintendo unveiled its next generation devicethe Nintendo Switch on Oct. 20 through a YouTube reveal trailer. Nintendo’s new product blends portable and home consoles in a way that users may not expect.

“I think the Switch is a really innovative, interesting idea,” sophomore James Collier said.

The Nintendo Switch’s main unit is a tablet-like device with standard controls on either side. When at home, players can place the console on a dock and slide the controller pieces off, enabling a traditional home gaming experience. Some, however, think this approach may create issues for Nintendo, such as pricing and durability.

“It has many moving parts,” junior Ryan Hill said. “I’m afraid it might not last for very long.”

Despite positive reception to Nintendo’s unorthodox approach with the Nintendo Switch, many consumers have retained a sense of doubt from the Wii U, which sold 90 million less units than the company projected.

“I’m not sure if gamers were necessarily hesitant to buy their products,” Collier said. “They just might have thought there were better alternatives.”

Gaming enthusiasts have proposed a number of reasons as to why the Wii U sold poorly, all of which the Nintendo Switch possesses the opportunity to correct.

“A lot of people thought it [the Wii U] was just an accessory for the Wii,” Hill said. “The starting lineup of games was not very good.”

Nintendo does not plan to reveal further information about the Nintendo Switch until Jan. 12, 2017, when it will host a presentation dedicated to the product in Tokyo. The event will detail the console’s price, specific release date (the trailer confirmed that it will be released at some point in March of 2017) and the games currently in development for the system.