Trump or Grump

Staff, students react, share concern about Trump’s election

Senior Kyle McCollum displays that he voted Nov. 8.

Bailey Bair

Senior Kyle McCollum displays that he voted Nov. 8. "I think the winner this year will affect the way people pay for college by making it easier," McCollum said. Donald Trump won the presidential election.

The 2016 election has been a televised view into our democracy and has caused a lot of  turmoil and mixed opinions. With lots of allegations made and Facebook rants later, Donald Trump has been elected the 45th president of the United States. However, not all students at WHS are pleased with this landmark decision.  

“I am very worried for our future because I don’t believe either candidate would be good, but it’s a matter of who will be worse,” senior Kara Keesey said.

This is a statement that has been stated before, and some students are feeling scared for their communities with all of Trump’s claims against them.  

“It has been made clear through [Mike Pence] that [Trump] will be anti-LGBTQ and I am worried…about what this will do to the [LGBTQ community] and people of color and women because [Trump] has shown lots of disrespect,” senior Maxwell Ruether said.

With all of the controversy, however, the main concern for some students is the fact that Trump has little to no political experience.  

“I am concerned how someone who has never been a politician will react to certain foreign issues…he’s kind of shown from the past an ability to shoot from the hip when it comes to facing issues,” social studies teacher Clint Schneider said.  

Having a lot of interest sparked during this election could be a positive change for Americans.

“I think the controversy is not necessarily a bad thing—it could a catalyst for change in our political environment [because] it emotionally ties people to our government, which is a good thing,” Schneider said. “I think Trump will change the way we look at politicians.”

This new view at politicians has caused much debate among students.  

“My biggest problem with it being so controversial is because people don’t treat each other with respect because of their opinions,” Ruether said.  

Although this election can cause concern, it can also cause our country to come together.

“We can’t let this silence the people that are scared because we still have a voice,” Ruether said, “and we can still change things because we are stronger together.”