The Tractor Factor

During tractor day, many classes go and visit the FFA students in Washington's parking lot to view and learn more about tractors. In 1892, John Forelich created the first tractor in Iowa.

The smell of the air. The sound of the tractors coming to town. Tractor Day at WHS doesn’t go unnoticed by anybody. Kids get to show off their tractors and even, for the first time in Tractor Day history at WHS, their animals.

“Tractor Day is a day during FFA Week when kids get to show off their tractors and get a chance to promote agriculture,” junior James Hellebusch said. “It’s a good thing for kids to look forward to and get them to join FFA.”

Since FFA was established at WHS in 1939, tractors have significantly different features and looks. There are some rather large tractors, some small ones, some red, some green and even some blue ones. But the looks of the tractors don’t matter at WHS, it’s all about fun and agriculture.

“A lot of kids will drive their tractors to the school and some haul them,” Hellebusch said. “If you’re coming across the river you need someone following you with their flashers on, and you also have to get a policeman to shut down the bridge so you can get across.”

Tractor Day allows FFA members and nonmembers alike to appreciate and experience the huge machines and animals that occupy the communities’ fields.

“It gives everyone a chance to wash-up their equipment and bring it over and kind of show it off,” Hellebusch said. “I love it [Tractor Day], personally, because it’s a chance to take pride in your equipment.”