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Trump's energy plan

This image illustrates global temperature prediction based on current fossil fuel usage and green house gas emissions.

This image illustrates global temperature prediction based on current fossil fuel usage and green house gas emissions.

Photo Courtesy of NASA

Photo Courtesy of NASA

This image illustrates global temperature prediction based on current fossil fuel usage and green house gas emissions.

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Try as some powerful individuals may, facts cannot rightfully be manipulated. The fact, proven time and time again, that the evident global warm-up is directly correlated with the world’s overt use of fossil fuels cannot be illegitimized because it doesn’t line up with a republican agenda. The act of substituting fact with opinion is a method the current United States commander-in-chief has been utilizing about the hoax of global warming.

Labeling the acts put into place to enforce environmental protection as “harmful and unnecessary” makes the new Trump administration appear extremely out of touch with what many younger Americans advocate for. The Trump administration’s energy plan is focused on relieving America’s dependency on foreign oils, but rather than using that to push towards a greener future, plans focus on utilizing untapped oil reserves on American soil. Using oil in America rather than oil overseas doesn’t put any effort towards the slowdown of global warming or work to deter the world’s reliance on fossil fuels.

With the revenue supposed to be earned from the transition to American oil, the Trump administration wants to put the money towards infrastructure, education and the like; all being wonderful things to invest in. The problems lies in whether there will be a future to invest in. At this rate, global warming’s consequences will be more than visible in the near future. With the amount of problems that will arise from the inevitable climate change, all the money earned from American oil will be nothing in comparison.

Understandably, the switch from generations of use of fossil fuels to renewable energy cannot be done overnight, or even within a few year’s-span. There has yet to be a breakthrough in sustainable renewable energies. Because of this, the Obama administration had been introducing several energy acts throughout the years of his service in an effort to make the pressing issue of climate change a political problem.

Rather than see these actions as guidance to a more sustainable and realistic future, the Trump administration has claimed that these “burdensome regulations on our energy industry” have only put America out of money and out of jobs. The coal industry, “which has been hurting for too long,” has been labeled as an unfair target of Obama as many energy regulations worked towards easing away from coal power. More recently, the new Cabinet has been skillfully working to undo many of the actions Obama had put into place, including the bill to ban coal fueled factories ability to dump waste into nearby rivers.

Claiming that the environment is still a priority, the Trump administration briefly goes over the “essential mission” of conserving clean air and water, yet only does so by taking focus from the fact of global warming. According to President Trump, the Environment Protection Agency, whose sole job is the protection of the environment and prevention of further damage, needs some “refocus” that he plans on inducing.

The official White House website has fallen victim to using hate and fear rhetorics to persuade United States citizens to put America first, and the environment last.

All quotes are from the official White House website


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