Live action ‘Beauty and the Beast’ recreates the tale as old as time


Photo courtesy of Flickr

On Nov. 12, 1991, Disney released a film known as “Beauty and the Beast.” As most people know, Disney has been making live remakes of some of their films recently, “Beauty and the Beast” being one of them. The remake of “Beauty and the Beast” was recently released on March 17, 2017, and it has already made nearly $700 million. As for going to see the film, I was all for it, as I am a huge Disney fan.

The film is about a girl named Belle (Emma Watson) who lives in a small village. Her only friends are the librarian and her father, Maurice. As Maurice is making his way to a fair, he gets lost and finds his way to Beast’s castle and is later imprisoned. When Maurice’s horse, Phillippe, shows up to Belle’s home without him, Belle begins to worry and goes to find him. When Belle finds her father, she switches places with him in a jail cell in the castle. Thus beginning the beautiful adventure between her and the beast.

The film gave me chills, and no, the cinema was not cold. The animations were flawless and jaw dropping. It followed the original storyline from the first film, with a few new songs. You even find out what happened to Belle’s mother in part of the film. The characters were portrayed perfectly by the actors, and if I could give them all a pat on the back, I would.

I have no complaints about this film in particular. I absolutely loved the new songs and I was dazed as I was leaving the theater. The film left me speechless and I may or may not have cried during it. So, if you are a Disney fanatic like me or you just like fantasy-type films in general, I would highly recommend going to see the live remake of “Beauty and the Beast.”