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United Airlines takes in the limelight

Photo Courtesy of Glenn Beltz

Photo Courtesy of Glenn Beltz

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On April 9, a passenger aboard a United Airlines flight stationed at O’Hare International Airport departing for Louisville was forcibly removed.

Due to the overbooking of the flight and several United employees needing to catch the plane to get to work the next day, United offered fiscal compensation to anyone willing to get off the plane. After $800 and still no takers, management used a computer to randomize who would get off. One of such passengers was Dr. David Dao, yet Dao refused  to give up his seat.

Dao cited his being a doctor whose patients needed him to be the reason for his steadfastness. As such, United staff called three security officers to forcefully remove Dao. Footage concerning Dao’s removal is extremely graphic as it depicts his being dragged around and his bloodied and disturbed return.

Dao’s attorney, Thomas Demetrio, said at a press conference that Dao had suffered head trauma akin to a concussion, damage to the sinuses and a broken nose. Plans of not only reconstructive surgery but of a lawsuit loom.

As expected, this scandal cultivated outrage across the world and garnered a response from United Airlines’ CEO.

Customer violence isn’t where the story ends for United, though. Teenage girls were barred from a flight to Minneapolis for their leggings not meeting the United Airlines’ dress code, while in Houston a groom and bride were kicked off their flight to their wedding in Costa Rica. From scandal to scandal, United has amassed a fair bit of publicity in the past few weeks.

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United Airlines takes in the limelight