The incomparable James vs Jordan


Photo by McKenzie Dohm

Lebron James is currently playing in his 15th season in the NBA.

As the NBA regular season has bounced back into action, rivalries and fan disagreements have surfaced once again. As fans know all too well, there are often faulty comparisons between some of the past and present players in the league.

The endless Lebron James vs Michael Jordan debate is one that bothers me the most. There is no true way of labeling one individual as the best player in NBA history. Michael Jordan was a legendary player who changed the game and future of basketball forever. His legacy is seen throughout his roles in the NBA and his multi-million dollar brand. Lebron James is a record-breaking player with skills unheard of in the league. He is currently playing in his 15th  season in the NBA. Both players are undoubtedly game changers, but comparing or placing them next to one another is pointless.

Talent aside, comparing these two legends is utterly impossible. The technology behind the game of basketball now is vastly different from the days of Michael Jordan ruling the court. Everything from shoes and jerseys, to training techniques and deeper knowledge of the human body have changed throughout the years.  

So many factors lead to a player’s performance that comparing individuals in the league becomes nearly absurd. Age, training, position, Finals performances, MVPs and championship rings are all factors that can define a player.

Why do fans feel the need to compare greatness and put legendary players up against one another? I challenge NBA fans to appreciate the raw talent all players encompass. Don’t miss experiencing history while you’re busy comparing the present to the past.