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‘The Cellar’ leaves readers in suspense

Photo by Katelyn Garrett

Photo by Katelyn Garrett

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Imagine, you’re getting ready for an important party that you’re going to attend with your friend. Your parents and your boyfriend ask if you need a ride so nothing bad happens to you, but you decline and you head on your way. Once you arrive at the party, you see many sweaty people overcrowding the park, dancing and laughing, having the time of their life. You go to track down your other friend; your friend goes one way and you go another. At this point you’re totally alone; that is until you hear a voice coming from the woodlands behind you, saying “You are Lily.” The next thing you know, you’re in a basement with three other girls wondering when you’re going to get out. That is exactly what happened with Summer Robinson.

Love, death and horror describes “The Cellar” by Natasha Preston. This book is a roller coaster of emotion and hatred towards certain characters. The story takes place through Summer, Lewis, her boyfriend, and Clover’s, the kidnapper, point of view. The story tends to jump back and forth between characters, but not so much where it’s confusing for the reader. The story is about Summer, who is renamed Lily by Clover who wants a “perfect family with perfect little flowers.” Many events happen in this book that could leave you speechless.

Overall, I give this book a rating of 9/10. If you like stories that add suspense and are thrilling, this book would be the one for you. This story could be a bit triggering for some people who could be sensitive to kidnapping. The book also takes a mysterious sort of route with wondering what the kidnapper’s story was, and why he wanted to kidnap these girls and make a perfect family. “The Cellar” is definitely worth a read.

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‘The Cellar’ leaves readers in suspense