Top 10 fall must-haves


Photo Courtesy of Flickr

With fall now fully upon us, here are some essentials for your fall season.

-Scarves: Blanket scarves, infinity scarves, knit scarves— basically any scarf. They keep you warm and looking cute for those chilly fall nights around the bonfire.

-Jean shirts: A classic clothing item that is awesome paired with colored jeans, or even regular blue jeans with a colored cardigan or a colorful necklace.

-Cardigans: In my opinion, you can never have too many layers. Cardigans come in so many colors, and I suggest you get all your favorite colors for your closet. They are super nice to pair a plain shirt with to brighten or add to your outfit.

-Boots: Boots are basically my favorite thing. There are so many different kinds, that you can find a pair to go with almost every outfit. What more can you ask for?

-Boot socks: To go with those new boots you just got, get some lace boot socks to go with them. There are a lot of different colors of boot socks, along with different patterns. There’s something for everyone.

-Sweaters: Warm and cozy, perfect for just a fall day spent at home, school, or with friends. You can never be too cozy. You can even pair a scarf or jewelry with it.

-Jean jackets: Definitely one of my favorites right now. Jean jackets can be dressed up or down, so whatever look you’re going for, the jean jacket can help.

-Oversized sweaters/sweatshirts: These are very popular right now. Be careful, though. There is such thing as too oversized. Just go a few sizes up if you’re not sure whether or not it’s too big.

-Jewelry: Yes, they are an accessory, but they are also a necessity. And, depending on your jewelry choice, they can make or break your outfit. Choose wisely!

-Hats: I know, this is more of a winter weather accessory, but let’s be real. You never know how cold it’ll be in the fall in Missouri.

Hopefully this list helps get you in the mood for more bonfires, hayrides and all other things fall. Stay warm, and don’t forget— Goodwill is always a good place to find jean jackets, cardigans and sometimes even boots. Always keep an eye out for a good deal.