Freshmen find voice in fall musical


Photo by Elizabeth Busch

Freshman Maelana Baker, senior Noah Kresse and freshman Hayley Pecka (left to right) perform during the fall musical "Beauty and the Beast" Nov. 9. “Everyone there is all pretty chill with each other,” Pecka said. “We can all goof off and say what we want.” The cast began rehearsal during the first week of school.

As November rolled around the corner, freshmen Hayley Pecka and Mason Kimminau prepared for their first high school play debut in “Beauty and the Beast”. Pecka and Kimminau played the vase and plate respectively, which both interact with the main characters throughout the performance. Kimminau also acted as a wolf and a villager in the play.

Their overall love for the theatre program has grown since middle school, where both were involved in the play. This is their first year on the high school cast, and their time to get to know the upperclassmen and how the WHS play operates.

“It’s a lot more involved and people care a lot more. It’s a lot better,” Kimminau said.

The cast dedicated long hours to the production, staying after school until 8 p.m. on the days leading up to its first performance Nov. 9.

“It started with only three hours after school, and now it’s four-five hours. We’re going to practice all weekend,” Pecka said.

Pecka and Kimminau both appreciated the family atmosphere and relationships the play creates with their first year in high school. They both hope to continue their high school acting career, enjoying the new friendships and experiences that the program has offered them.

“The relationships are a lot stronger than anything else,” Kimminau said. “We’re kind of a family.”