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WHS family dedicates their life to Jiu Jitsu

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WHS family dedicates their life to Jiu Jitsu

Photo courtesy of Vivian Madrid

Photo courtesy of Vivian Madrid

Photo courtesy of Vivian Madrid

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Does your family have family traditions that you do every year? Well this family has a “tradition” every day, five days a week: training for competitions, meeting new people and encouraging others to try the sport of Jiu Jitsu.

The Luecke family have been practicing jiu jitsu at Gracie Barra in O’Fallon, Mo, for years.

“I train Jiu Jitsu every day,” Dominic Luecke said. “There is no off season.”

Jiu Jitsu is more than just “another form of wrestling.” It has more complications and patience.

“Jiu Jitsu has made me have more of an open mind, and it’s taught me respect, and it’s taught me how to defend myself,” sophomore Alyssa Luecke said.

Along with training, there are competitions that go along with all of the hard training that goes through the year.

“There are between four and seven competitions that go on through the year,” said Alyssa Luecke. “Training for competition starts usually a month ahead, or a few depending on how serious the competition is. So we’ll have like competition classes, which is like two hours of hard training, and hard workouts including drills, and really what you need to work on.”

When they aren’t training, they’re still at the gym practicing like they would be training for competition.

“My typical day training Jiu Jitsu is about four hours a day,” said Dominic Luecke. “Two hours in the morning and two hours at night.”

The family has met a lot of friends throughout their time at Gracie Barra. They try to encourage friends to try it out as well.

“People can see the amazing benefits for the mind and body. Plus it’s the best form of self-defense in my opinion,” Dominic Luecke said, “not to mention it’s a fun family atmosphere when training.”

Jiu Jitsu can be something that people can try doing, but takes patience and lots of practice to make it an art.

“Just remember Jiu Jitsu is not learned in a day, week or month. It takes years of practice and hours on the mat to advance in the art. Don’t be frustrated if a move seems difficult—just have fun, relax, breathe and embrace the experience,” Dominic Luecke said. “Ask questions and leave your ego at the door.”

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WHS family dedicates their life to Jiu Jitsu