‘The Greatest Showman’ captivates audiences

When I first heard of the movie “The Greatest Showman,” I was pretty skeptical. I had no plans to see the film until my mom insisted that we should. I walked into the theater with the intent of watching a mediocre movie, sat down and was then too amazed to even eat my popcorn. Little did I know that P.T. Barnum’s story would be one of the most interesting stories I’ve ever seen .

Captivated by the flawless acting and beautiful soundtrack, I couldn’t look away from the screen. This movie is all about how P.T. Barnum brought peculiar people out of the shadows and faced criticism with pride. He didn’t care what other people thought of him. A journalist’s harsh review of his show only inspired him to continue doing what he was doing.

In the beginning of the movie, you see P.T. Barnum as a child. He is a servant for a wealthy family and has an obvious crush on the wealthy man’s daughter, Charity, who later on ends up becoming his wife. During one of the fantastic songs in the movie, you see the death of P.T. Barnum’s father, which is one of his later motivations in life. He wants to be successful so no one treats his family the way that his father and himself were treated as he was growing up.

Later in the movie, P.T. makes a deal with a wealthy man named Philip. He ends up developing feelings for a woman named Anne Wheeler, who is a trapeze artist in P.T.’s circus. As the movie goes on, you see their characters develop, how they deal with the world and how they deal with the way everyone sees them. Philip wants a life with Anne, but she thinks that the townspeople wouldn’t accept them because everyone has only showed her criticism for being who she is.

In the time that they were living in, most people didn’t accept the people that performed in the circus. People called the performers freaks and said that they shouldn’t be allowed in their town. The townspeople also started many riots, one of which started a fire and destroyed P.T. Barnum’s building. This caused P.T. to believe that he was done for, but I don’t want to give the ending away so you’ll have to see it for yourself if you would like to know what happens. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Overall, this movie is a must see, and if you are a lover of music, you will definitely love the score. Of course P.T. Barnum had some scandals under his belt and wasn’t a perfect human, but his story is remarkable. If I had to rate the movie, I would give it a solid five out of five, and I should know because I’ve seen it three times. So, if you are wanting to see a beautifully thrilling movie, I would highly suggest that you go see “The Greatest Showman.”