Best ways to spend spring break

As spring break approaches, WHS students begin to search for ways to stay entertained on their days off. Here are a few ideas to keep busy during break without spending time and money on traveling out-of-state.

Trails and Parks

The Riverfront Trail may be closed for construction, but there are still plenty of excellent trails nearby for those who are looking for a breath of fresh air. Klondike Park, which is located in Augusta, contains over four miles of scenic trails and is close to the Katy Trail, another spectacular route for walking or biking that runs through portions of Marthasville and Dutzow as well. For those wishing to see all of Missouri’s wonders at once, the Shaw Nature Reserve in Gray Summit offers 14 miles of trails through many of our state’s diverse ecosystems, including wetlands, glades, prairies and woodlands. In St. Louis, Forest Park is not only a picturesque place to picnic with family and friends, but it contains some of St. Louis’s most fascinating attractions, including the Saint Louis Zoo, Science Center, Art Museum and the Missouri History Museum. Finally, Meramec State Park offers a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing, canoeing, camping and cave tours. The abundance of diverse natural areas nearby guarantees a unique outdoor experience, no matter which park or trail you decide to visit during spring break.

Elizabeth Busch
One of the best ways to spend spring break is enjoying a park or trail’s picturesque scenery, such as this view from Elephant Rocks State Park.

Local Attractions

The Washington area has an abundance of sites to explore during spring break. Downtown Washington has numerous unique places to grab a bite to eat, including old favorites like Cowan’s and new flavors like the Main Street Creamery. After lunch, you can get a glimpse at the history of the town at the Washington Historical Society Museum or spend an afternoon playing with trains at the Iron Spike Model Train Museum. Other nearby attractions include the bowling alley, Oasis Lanes, and the roller skating rink, Nothing Fancy Rink, both of which are located in Union. Finally, you can catch a movie such as the science fiction thriller “Ready Player One” at Cinema 1 Plus in Washington or the romantic drama “Midnight Sun” at Great 8 Cinema in Union for a perfect ending to your spring break in the town of Washington.

Elizabeth Busch
Main Street Creamery, located at 110 W Main St. in Washington, has many delicious ice cream creations, such as this double Oreo milkshake, making this venue a worthwhile stop over spring break.

College Visits

Spring break is the opportune time to start or continue your search for education after high school. You can utilize resources such as Naviance to explore your options and once finding a college that interests you, consider visiting a few of your top choices in person. However, when scheduling a tour of a college campus, confirm that the college is still in session so you experience the true atmosphere of the campus.


One of the best ways to enjoy your spring break is relaxing in the comfort of your own home. You can prepare to take on the rest of the school year by unwinding with an enjoyable book, movie or TV show, playing board games and assembling puzzles with family and friends or catching up on lost hours of sleep. You could also capitalize on your free time by cleaning out a messy garage, redecorating an outdated room or organizing an overflowing closet or drawer.

No matter how you choose to spend your spring break, remember to relax and recharge in preparation for the last few months of school before summer vacation.