Students deserve break from stress


Photo by Madilynn Kipp

As the end of my junior year is approaching, college and “adulting” start popping into my mind more frequently. In the next year, I will apply to colleges, get accepted into a few (hopefully), decide where I am going, apply for scholarships, decide what career I want to pursue, etc. All of my friends, because they are mostly seniors, will go to continue their education elsewhere, leaving me to roam good old Washington, Mo. by myself for the next year.

With this upcoming transition, I contemplate what matters most and what I need to make time for in the next year before I leave, possibly for good. Being the oldest of four children, I am an example to all three of my siblings and they want to be around me. I want to spend time with my family, but I also want to spend time with my friends on top of working, sports and homework. Juggling it all will not be easy, but I think what we all need to keep in mind as high school students is that yes, school is important, but so is having fun and enjoying being young while we can. So prioritize your schoolwork, but also prioritize yourself.

I did just that this week of spring break. Should I have done a little bit of schoolwork? Probably, but instead I went with my boyfriend and his family to his grandparents farm in Davisville where we hiked, shot guns, ate lots of junk food and just had fun. Everyone deserves some time to de-stress! Hang in there, Blue Jays. The end of the school year is slowly but surely heading our way.