Easter traditions throughout countries


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Easter, otherwise known as a time of celebrating religion, free candy and creepy Easter bunny costumes. While kids are visited by the Easter bunny in America, other countries have substantially different ways to celebrate the holiday.

According to Reader’s Digest, the children in France receive their treats from “Easter Bells.” No bells may ring between Holy Thursday and the Easter vigil. They are then said to return with chocolate and presents for local children.

In Australia, children are visited by the Easter bunny. However, bunnies in this country are considered as pests, as they destroy land. Because of this, some people say they are visited by the Easter Bilby instead, which is a bunny-like animal. There is also a show known as the Sydney Royal Easter Show, which is the largest annual event in the country.

In Italy, Easter is celebrated with fireworks. This is a 350-year-old tradition called Scoppio Del Carro, which means “explosion of the cart.” A cart is loaded with fireworks and placed in front of the Duomo, where the fireworks are set off. This is meant to be a sign of peace for the year ahead.

With the many different global traditional celebrations for the Easter holiday, the day itself brings communities together. While there are different ways of celebrating the day, it brings out the goodness in everyone. Besides, who could ever pass up a chance for free candy.