The season of flowers, life and allergies


Photo Courtesy of Flickr

Oh spring, many people’s favorite season. It brings so many things along with it, such as Prom, the end of the school year and rain of course. Some see it as a season of beauty, life and prosperity. However, I see it as a season of allergies and misery. Don’t let me get you down or anything, I just despise spring.

You may ask, “Why do you hate spring so much?” Well, let me ask you, “Do you have allergies?” or “Do you love the threats that crazy weather and tornadoes can bring?” I get it, the flowers bloom and all of the color in the world comes back, but quite frankly, I don’t care.

I feel like I speak for my fellow allergy muddlers when I say that waking up every morning with a clogged nose and a clogged head because of something so simple as the air isn’t pleasant. You don’t even realize how much pollen can get into your house until spring hits. It’s really not fun.

If you had me pick between freezing cold weather and spring, I would choose the freezing cold weather. I just see spring as the Earth’s awkward transition between winter and summer. It is basically the Earth as a teenager, except its awkward phase is always reoccurring.

Now, don’t feel personally attacked. I’m just trying to explain why spring is actually terrible in my point of view. If spring is your favorite season, then good for you. I just wanted to explain why I hate it, so when someone asks me why, I could just tell them to read this article.

I’m not sorry; I just really don’t enjoy spring.