Food service brings new breakfast opportunity to WHS students


Photo by Willa Reust

Cooks Jada Summer and Mary Ann Kassebaum serve breakfast to students before school Sept. 26. “They’re trying to get more kids to eat the breakfast to start off their day right,” cook Jada Summer said. “This way they have two locations to go to.” The FRAC states that children who increase their school breakfast participation make improvements in their math scores, attendance, punctuality, depression, anxiety and hyperactivity.

From the time alarms chime to the moment students walk through the doors of WHS, many teens can’t find the time to sit down to a meal, much less a healthy fruit or yogurt needed to set themselves up for success. But with a new breakfast bar in the guidance lobby, students can receive a fast and healthy breakfast to kickoff their day.

“Everything that is served upstairs is served downstairs, so it varies from day to day,” cook Mary Ann Kassebaum said. “There’s always fresh fruit, fruit juice, milk, cereal, whatever the breakfast entrée is downstairs, which is usually a hot item, and a few extras.”

Kassebaum hopes to draw more students to eat a nutritious breakfast before school. Rather than having to make the long walk to the cafeteria, students can now use their lunch money to purchase a speedy breakfast in the morning.

“It’s a day starter,” cook Jada Summer said. “It gets their brain going, and they need that to function throughout the day.”

According to the Food Research and Action Center, eating breakfast is proven to help with student behavior and performance, leading to higher math and reading scores, along with improved attendance and behavior. So next time you walk into school on an empty stomach, stop by the guidance lobby to grab a quick bite.

“It’s very convenient,” junior Elise Thierbach said. “It’s a great way to make breakfast accessible for more people.”