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Shane Dawson creates controversy with ‘The Mind of Jake Paul’

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     Shane Dawson is one person that has a pretty moving and touching docuseries on YouTube. Yet this past month, this docuseries has been different. From fans slamming him on social media, stating how they weren’t promoting the series to other YouTubers saying how he shouldn’t give any more fame to none other than the internet’s least favorite creator, Jake Paul. Jake Paul is one of, if not, the most controversial YouTuber on the website. From disrespecting his own neighbors on live news to supposedly overworking and bullying his coworkers without pay, this eight part docuseries by Dawson, that’s about an hour a video excluding the finale which is two hours, gets in the mind of the accused sociopath that is Jake Paul.

     The series started off with titles that intrigued the nation: “The Mind of Jake Paul,” “The Dark Side of Jake Paul,” “The Family of Jake Paul,” “The Enemies of Jake Paul,” “The World of Jake Paul,” “The Secrets of Jake Paul,” “The Ex Girlfriend of Jake Paul” and finally “Inside The Mind of Jake Paul.” The first video, or episode, shows Dawson with therapist Kati Morton and talks about the symptoms of a sociopath and how it relates to Jake Paul and whether or not they think he’s actually a sociopath. Later on in the series,Dawson goes in depth with how his family was like while Jake and his older brother Logan Paul growing up. Most of the series is Dawson going to the Team 10 house and talking to Jake and his girlfriend Erika Costell about mental health and follows them around and finds out what happens in the day of Jake Paul and Team 10. Dawson also talks to the ex members of Team 10 and interviews them about Jake’s behaviors while they were living in the Team 10 house. Although throughout the series Dawson starts to feel bad, him and the therapist decide at the end of the series that he is not a sociopath.

     As a fan of Dawson, I personally liked the series, but I also like every series that he has done; however, this series has been the most controversial among social media and among WHS student discussions. I felt myself slightly feeling bad for Jake Paul when he was explaining his family situation, but remembering all of the bad things he has done, I quickly stopped any sympathy I had for him. I have a lot of respect for Dawson for dealing with all of the hate and still putting out all of the eight videos, no matter how many comments he got from critics, Youtubers and from random people on the internet. I personally recommend watching any of  Dawson’s series because not only does he learn lessons from interviewing and taking a look on other people’s daily lives, the watchers at home could also learn some valuable lessons. So sit back, grab some popcorn and watch the docuseries that may have you questioning your own tendencies, “The Mind of Jake Paul.”

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Shane Dawson creates controversy with ‘The Mind of Jake Paul’