Make holiday traditions important


Photo submitted by Madilynn Kipp

Some of the Nelson grandchildren and great-grandchildren pose for a family picture last November.

Lots of families gather together on Thanksgiving Day to celebrate and spend quality time together. Most eat turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pie, etc. Some go Black Friday shopping together, watch movies or take naps together. Whatever your tradition might be, the important part is that you do it together, as a family.

Some families travel to their family, and others have family travel to them. Regardless of your traditions, the important part is the quality time spent together. If you don’t have Thanksgiving traditions, get some inspiration from others.

Thanksgiving isn’t just one day for my family, it’s a whole week. With my mom’s family, we go bowling, paintballing, shopping and eating ice cream and fries from Lion’s Choice at least one time during the week. Our house is always packed with people— during the day everyone is over and at night all the beds are full and the cousins sleep on the floor, staying up giggling and talking. With my dad’s family, we eat more food and treats, and then we draw names for who we are getting a Christmas present for. We end the night talking and spending time together.

No matter what your tradition is, the key to any holiday is the time and memories you make with the people you love. So this holiday season, take the time to make family traditions important.