Psychology class makes learning truly enjoyable for students


Photo by Miles Hellebusch

Clint Schneider teaches during his sixth-hour Psychology class.

One of, if not my favorite class of the day, is Clint Schneider’s psychology class. I look forward to this class every day. The way he uses his teaching platform to support education is very pleasant. While in his class, he’ll never force you to learn by giving you tons of useless homework. And because there isn’t intense pressure with a ton of work, he lets you enjoy your education, which is extremely refreshing. I’ve never actually wanted to learn more in a class before this, but with how I’m not always worried about the next big assignment, my intrinsic curiosity takes over.

Since I’m actually curious and interested in what I’m learning, I truly end up learning. With how Schneider sets up the notes, he asks questions and facilitates conversation. The interaction between the class makes lessons memorable and helps me learn. It’s never monotone and boring like many other classes where I simply sit there and take in very little of the information I’m being given.

Not only is simple note-taking enjoyable and a great learning experience, but once before tests, we have classroom conversations. This is a huge help; it only refreshes me on what I should maybe study for tomorrow. But also important is the fact that it makes me think about the material in a different way and from other people’s perspectives. Schneider’s class is one of my favorites and makes learning enjoyable and easy. If you’re considering taking Psychology, I’d say absolutely.