In a high school far, far away

WHS choirs practice for Madrigals


When the bell rings at 3:20 p.m., hundreds of students rush to the doors—all excited to leave Blue Jay Drive. However, for some WHS choir students, leaving WHS is postponed until they perfect their British accents, memorize their monologues and practice their solos. The students are practicing for Madrigals, a dinner theater show that is set in the medieval period in Europe.

“I think the hardest part is preparing the students for the concert portion,” choir director Jessie Patterson said.

The students have been rehearsing for Madrigals since mid-November.

“We’ve been practicing every day after school, just running through the script,” junior Andrew Post said. “In choir, we rehearse all the songs.”

Students not only have to practice their script, but because of the nature of a dinner theater performance, students must learn traditional theatrical skills as well as ones that are not usually associated with choir.

“We practice waiting [the table] the week before when we have dress rehearsal at the church,” senior Colby Jacquin said.

The time the students practice will soon pay off on Dec. 13-15 when 346 community members will arrive at the Presbyterian Church on South Point Road to attend Madrigals.

“Madrigals is probably my favorite show we do because its not stressful,” senior Dorianne Key said. “It’s really just fun.”