Thanksgiving should get the appreciation it deserves

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As Thanksgiving comes to a close, Christmas is coming up fairly quickly. Many start celebrating Christmas as early as the day after Halloween, but what about Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks to our family, friends and people who we appreciate in our lives. Some people don’t take time to appreciate Thanksgiving as much as they should and go right to celebrating Christmas. As much as everyone loves celebrating Christmas, people should take some time to appreciate the wonderful food-filling holiday that is Thanksgiving.

Everyone knows the story of the starting of the traditional holiday involving the pilgrims coming to America on the Mayflower and meeting the Native Americans, which is also known as the “First Thanksgiving.” The holiday symbolizes coming together to spend time with the ones that you love. Giving thanks around this wonderful time has benefits that could improve you for the months to come. Some benefits of Thanksgiving, according to, include an increase in energy, decrease blood pressure, reduce and cope with negative stress and even improve your self-esteem. You could even have increase in feelings of happiness and well-being. Christmas is a wonderful time that everyone enjoys, setting up the tree, listening to Christmas music, opening presents on Christmas morning. The season of Christmas is a great time, but the Thanksgiving holiday helps your mental health.

Before you set up the Christmas tree, string up the lights at the front of the house, turn on the Christmas music and bring the Christmas cheer, take some time to appreciate the wonderful holiday that is Thanksgiving. Sit down with your family and say something you’re grateful about. Saying something positive will give you something positive back in return. Call your grandparents or your distant family, tell them you’re grateful for them. Take some time to celebrate the wonderful, food-filling holiday that is Thanksgiving.