Spirit week at WHS


Paige Ritson

(Left to Right) Freshmen Ethan Upchurch dresses as a can of Cranberry Sprite, Frank Emma dresses as PEW NEWS and Cecelia Heimos dresses as Gin from BTS.

Spirit week is known to definitely get Washington High School students pumped up for the upcoming game and seeing as this is my last high school spirit week ever, I wanted to capture some photos of the students and faculty getting excited for winter break. Monday started off with Pajama day, and whether it was just sweatpants or a full on onesie, almost everyone was dressed in their comfy clothes. Tuesday rolled around and out came the memes. My favorite past time is scrolling through Reddit and Instagram to look at memes, so needless to say I was very excited. Wednesday was a white Christmas in the school as people dressed up in all white for the Winter Wonderland theme. Thursday everyone raided their grandmother’s closet or the nearest Goodwill to wear the ugliest Christmas sweaters I’ve seen in my life. Ending with Friday, students and staff wore their flannels, which caused walking through the halls to look like a sea of plaid. I believe this was a good stress-reliever for the upcoming finals week, and since this is my last semester of high school, it reminded me of how fun high school can really be.