Tips and tricks to beat procrastination


Photo Courtesy of Flickr

Procrastination. This is a word very well-known to all students, especially around exam season. Sometimes it can even overtake a student’s entire outlook on school. However, I’m here with some homemade tips and tricks on how to avoid procrastination.

If you ever notice that your assignments are piling up and due dates are coming upon you, you may be experiencing a thing that I like to call procrastination. My first step in avoiding this is to turn off all things around you—phones, TVs, tablets, etc.—and set your work in front of you. Get out your pencil and let your creative juices start flowing.

My second tip to avoid procrastination would be to set a deadline for yourself and organize your surroundings. If you tell yourself that you need to do something by a certain time, you may become motivated to get back to work. Tidying up your surroundings will also help to clear your mind and leave more room for your studies.

My third and final tip to avoid procrastination would be to take a break while you are doing your work. Get up and get a drink or grab a snack—you don’t want to burn yourself out. Just remember, it may feel hard to start your assignments, but if you stay focused and treat your brain right, then you can do anything that you set your mind to.