Student becomes new student board representative


Photo by Sophie Koritz

Junior Tristan Zeh poses with the Board of Education after he is sworn in as the 2019 student board representative Jan. 23. “It was very interesting in getting to see the reports they give, how the superintendents report to the board members and how that administrative side of running things look,” Zeh said. Pictured from left to right is Kevin Blackburn, John Freitag, Scott Byrne, Zeh, Trish Mitchell, Bob Oreskovic and Susan Thatcher.

On Wednesday, Jan. 23, junior Tristan Zeh was sworn in as 2019’s student representative for the School District of Washington Board of Education.

“I hope to help give insight to the other board members,” Zeh said, “and be someone that can help the school board make decisions that benefit the students in ways that they might not have thought of before.”

Serving a one year term, Zeh is now the WHS student voice at board meetings. Student representatives are responsible for attending monthly meetings and delivering a report about activities at the high school.

“I was told that I might be a good fit, so that’s how I became interested in it,” Zeh said. “I’m not really head of anything in any of the clubs I’m involved in.”

Despite his lack of experience, Zeh hopes to step up to the challenge when taking the place of senior Sophie Kortiz.

“It sounded like something where I could take more of a leadership type role,” Zeh said. “I was interested in taking that opportunity.”