Valentine’s Day provides an opportunity to show love


Photo submitted by Celeste Koritz

Despite a week-long fling in fifth grade that ended with him giving me grass, dirt and heartbreak, I have been single my entire life. I, as a single person, should by all means hate Valentine’s Day. All that it encompasses—couples being overly affectionate, teddy bears holding pink hearts and delivered flower bouquets—should repulse and disgust me, but it does not. In fact, Valentine’s Day and the over affection showed throughout the day has turned this “Hallmark holiday” into my favorite holiday.

Valentine’s Day is of course about the appreciation of romantic relationships, but personally, the secondary message of support and endearment toward all humanity overwhelms me every Feb. 14. Your relationship status should not limit you from buying annoyingly cute trinkets and candies for family members, friends or whoever is important to you. If you want to show appreciation for people who are special to you, Valentine’s Day seems like the ideal day to display your gratitude for their being in your life.

In every other month of the year, it seems there is something significant for everyone to look forward to—Christmas, Easter, summer break—but unless you are an avid American presidents enthusiast, a February without Valentine’s Day seems to fall short. With many people just waiting for the next day outside of the status quo to occur, the desire to stop the monotonous slump that we find ourselves in is normally strongest in February, where winter weather disillusions us that warmth and all that happens with summer will never come. We need this day of love to keep people hopeful and encourage them to keep going.

Sure, you could choose any day to show your appreciation, and I urge you to give random gifts (that do not always have to be tangible) throughout the year to everyone. However, why should you not participate in a day of love and appreciation just because you are not in a relationship? Just because Hallmark advertises this as a couples only holiday does not mean that you cannot participate in buying candies, teddy bears or whatever you want for yourself or those who are significant to you. So if you cannot find your place in this red and pink holiday, I suggest you participate in the cheesy and corny tradition of Valentine’s Day because you, your friends and loved ones deserve it.