Leaving the Blue Jay nest is beneficial

After WHS students graduate, they should seek to go to college away from home.

Courtesy of SVG Silh

After WHS students graduate, they should seek to go to college away from home.

The end of high school is in sight. Seniors are applying for colleges, applying for scholarships and making life-changing decisions. The decisions we make during our senior year can change our lives…no pressure, right?

As a senior, making these decisions about where I am going to college, what dorm I’m staying in, what clubs I want to join and countless other small details about college can be overwhelming and stressful. I feel unsure about many things, but there is one thing I am sure about— going away for college is one of the best decisions I’ve  made.

Going away to college is very important, if students are able to. Getting the real college experience, living in a dorm (or at least on your own, away from your parents), is crucial. I am going to Utah State University in Logan, Utah starting in the fall, and I will not know anyone else when I start. This is a scary, but exciting element of college. I can and will meet so many new people, and there will be countless opportunities to get involved.

Growing up, or “adulting”, can be hard, but it will benefit us tremendously. We will learn the importance of budgeting, time management and independence. We get to make our choices without our parents making them on our behalf (love you mom and dad), and we also get to be responsible for what we do.

I feel that going away for college has many benefits and would be a positive experience for most high school graduates. No matter what you choose to do, however, just make sure you are doing what you love.