‘The Goldbergs’ bring happiness, silliness to TV business


Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

If you ever find yourself laying around and thinking to yourself that you need a new show to binge-watch, then I have a show for you. “The Goldbergs” is by far one of the funniest shows that I have run across in a very long time.

This show is based on a family in the 1980s from the youngest son’s point of view. He is always running around, causing trouble and recording everything that his family does–whether it’s his brother hanging out with the JTP, his sister sneaking out to a dance, his father sleeping in his chair or his mother demanding that his teacher change his grade no matter what she has to do. The antics that this family gets into can keep a person entertained for hours on end.

The show is also based off of the creator’s actual family. While his sister does not actually exist in real life, the things that he and his brother do in the show are actual things that the creator of the show or his brother did at one time and got on tape. After each episode, a home video clip plays, showing what event the episode was based off of.

So, if you are in need of a new show to binge or just in need of a good laugh, I highly suggest that you watch “The Goldbergs,” especially since it has six seasons and new episodes are still to come on ABC.