Planners promote prosperity


Elizabeth Busch

Using a planner to keep track of significant events and assignments can help you stay focused and organized.

As high school students, we devise many plans. We make plans to hang out with our friends, plans to be accepted into a college, plans to enter into a career field. This mountain of planning can create quite a landslide when we fail to stay organized with our goals. One of the best solutions to this catastrophe is keeping an updated planner.

Using a planner to keep track of homework, tests, extracurriculars, work and other tasks and events not only prevents accidental amnesia by reminding you of your obligations with a quick glance. Planners also help you prioritize your tasks because you can easily visualize which homework assignments are due first. Additionally, planners allow you to set aside time for activities such as going to the movies with friends or having a family dinner without accidentally scheduling two events for the same time and day. If physically writing down your scheduled plans in a planner does not help you stay organized, you can also utilize your phone’s reminders or calendar app, which will give you an auditory and visual reminder of your appointments and assignments. App stores also offer a wide variety of planner apps that allow you to schedule everything from homework to extracurriculars.

Whether you decide to use a physical or electronic planner for school, work or home, it will help organize your tasks now to set you on a pathway of success in the future.