The importance of being involved


Photo by Jacob Strauser

Members of The Advocate Staff pose for a photo while attending the JEA National Conference in Chicago on Nov. 3, 2018.

High school. A time for studies, preparing for college, late nights and fun. For myself, high school was a pleasurable experience. Not only was I able to take part in some honor programs and meet many new people, I also got to compete in athletics and play in the orchestra. Without these activities, my high school experience would have been completely different.

I believe that being involved while you are in high school is very important to each and every student. Sadly, my time at WHS is coming to close and I am going to have to leave these amazing groups and all of the amazing people that I have met. However, without the activities that I have been involved in through these four years, my time at WHS would have been 100 percent different.

While most students may say that their studies come first, I believe we should all branch out of our comfort zones at least once before we graduate. I agree with studies coming first—after all, I have excelled during high school. However, I still find time to balance all of my activities, a job and my social life.

I have just come here to encourage each student to join a club or try a sport before they graduate. It could change their lives, just like these activities have for me. After all, as many have heard before, high school is the best time of our lives.