WHS seniors visit elementary schools


Photo Courtesy of Joseph Bauer

Senior Joseph Bauer and other WHS seniors pose for a picture on the Marthasville Elementary School playground. “The final picture of all of us on the playgrounds we used to play on as kids was probably the most memorable,” Bauer said. Bauer still keeps in touch with his former elementary school classmates.

In the month of May, WHS seniors have one thing on their mind—graduation. They anxiously await to receive the greatly coveted high school diploma and start the rest of their lives. May is full of a variety of memorable events for these seniors including Prom and the Baccalaureate ceremony. Among these events is the opportunity to visit their former elementary schools and talk to old classmates and faculty as the School District of Washington elementary schools hosted seniors on the morning of May 10.

“It was really emotional seeing the old halls we used to roam for the six years we were there for,” senior Joseph Bauer said.

Marthasville elementary, where Bauer attended, and other schools had breakfast for the visiting seniors, along with old pictures on display.

“It was a very heartwarming experience,” senior Madilyn Waters, who attended South Point elementary, said. “They had all the [current] students line up through the halls as we walked through and that felt super special.”

For a majority of the seniors, this was the first time they had been given the opportunity to revisit their elementary school since their sixth grade graduation in the May of 2013.

“It brought back a lot of memories from elementary school,” Waters said. “It was really cool to see all of my old friends and teachers.”

This SDOW tradition not only allowed WHS seniors to reunite with all of their old classmates, but also allowed them to reflect on how much their elementary school experience has affected them.

“I was really looking forward to it,” Waters said, “just so I could thank all my old teachers and the staff for everything that they’ve done and the unforgettable memories.”