Earth is in danger, so are we


Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

As most of you may have already heard, the global climate temperature is rising. While this still may not seem like a huge deal to many, this actually happens to be an issue far worse than anyone is realizing. Our planet is in danger, and it gets worse with each passing day. We don’t have much time to save it.

According to NASA, global temperatures, carbon dioxide levels and sea levels are all rising and have been for many years. All the while ice caps are melting. Not only is our atmosphere in danger because of this greenhouse effect that we have created, animals are paying the price for our foolishness. Animals all around the globe are accidentally eating and getting trapped in plastic debris and many innocent creatures have already died because of it. This is a huge problem and something that desperately needs to change.

While most of the damage to our precious planet Earth is done, we still have a chance to reverse some of it. Ways that you and I can help aid in this reversal process are to recycle, use reusable water bottles, use reusable shopping bags and straws, or even do something as simple as pick up the trash that you see on the ground. These are only a few options that you can choose from to help our planet live.

The next time you throw trash on the ground, toss a plastic water bottle over your shoulder or leave trash on a beach, just know that you aren’t only hurting the planet, you are also hurting the entire population of planet Earth. As the global temperature rises, the ozone layer becomes thinner and sea levels rise from melting ice caps, our time on this beautiful planet becomes shorter. The planet is on fire and we are the only ones who can save it.