Kicking off the 2019 football season


Photo Courtesy of WHS Athletics

The 2019 football Blue Jays pose for a team photo at WHS. "[One of our goals] as a team would be to win districts," senior Trevor Rinne said. "Everyone wants to win state." Students and other Blue Jay fans are looking forward to the Homecoming game on Friday, Sept. 27.

As the weather begins to cool down for fall, the football season is heating up. Like all sports teams, the WHS Blue Jays have had their fair share of ups and downs. However, with the 2019 season off to a good start, the senior varsity players take a moment to reflect on their growth throughout the years. 

“This year’s different because we have a lot more seniors and all the seniors are experienced,” senior offensive/defensive linemen Joe Hackmann said. “We’re a lot more brotherly, and we get along really well.”

Although brotherhood brings value to the team, the relationships with teammates change each season as new members join and older members leave. During their sophomore year on varsity, the 2017-2018 season ended with a record of 0-10, and the enthusiasm back then was far less notable.

“The 0-10 team will always be in my mind as something to remember,” Hackmann said.  “It was a very interesting year from a team standpoint, but I can tell that this team is a lot different.”

Despite the rough patches, the Blue Jays have been able to redeem themselves this year as they have started off the season with a 4-0 winning streak.

“I think as long as the team has the hope [to win] and [puts in the] effort, I think we will be able to stay positive,” senior slot receiver/running back Nate Busch said. 

Staying positive and having faith in the team sometimes takes more than playing hard at each game. In fact, the Blue Jays even have a few pre-game rituals that encourage them to play their hardest.

“We all do our warm-ups together as a team,” Hackmann said. “And before every game, we kneel down in prayer.”

However, in order to perform well on the field, the boys need to perform well at practice. Forming a game plan involves repetition, reviewing defense and putting the time in. Aside from the physical training, advice from coaches is also important for the players to get the best out of a practice.

“[At practice] we get yelled at a lot about mental focus and focusing on the little things,” senior quarterback Trevor Rinne said. 

As the season continues, the team will not only continue to rely on their own focus and teammates to score touchdowns but the support from friends and students as well. 

“[To keep the winning streak] it’s going to take good practices, hard work,” Hackmann said, “and a lot of support from the school and students.”