French Club continues escape room tradition


Photo by Madyson Williams

Since last year, the French Club has been hosting an escape room for the students of WHS near the beginning of November after being inspired by a YouTube series.

“Last year the president, Gavyn, watched ‘Escape the Night’ by Joey Graceffa on YouTube and we were like, ‘We should make an escape room,’ because they were getting really popular, so we were like, ‘Sure, why not?’” French Club member Jillian Stigge said.

After receiving positive feedback from the participants of the Escape Room last year, the club decided to have the escape room again, but with improvements.

“We have more hands on deck to make this year even better than last year. We have members who were involved with the escape room last year, so they know the things that worked well and the things that need to be improved,” French Club adviser Sarah Riley said.

The French Club even decided to come up with a new theme for the escape room to add diversity. They do so by taking suggestions in the first meeting, and then taking a vote.

“The theme for the escape room this year is Candy Land,” Riley said. “It will be fun and challenging. The participants will take a step back in time to relive the memories of childhood.”

The escape room is intended to take place on the WHS Campus in early November after school and is open to all WHS students.

“It (the escape room) will be in the library like it was last year,” Riley said. “A big thank you to the librarians, custodians and administration for allowing us to use this space in the evening hours.”

Not only is the escape room a fun way for the students to get together, it is fun for the French Club to plan and they encourage all students to come and try it out.

“Last year was a lot of fun. Everybody that went enjoyed doing it,” Stigge said. “We also have a really fun theme, which is CandyLand, like the board game that most of us played when we were younger.”