We’re All Going Through Changes

A look into how realistic ‘Big Mouth’ is

We're All Going Through Changes

“Big mouth” is one of the most popular shows on Netflix right now, especially in our age group, and it seems like everyone can really relate to one specific character.

Personally, the character I feel most connected to is Matthew. But how does the show actually relate to high schoolers’ lives today?

I think the show is more realistic than people would like to admit. The issues focused on in the show are exactly the issues teens today struggle with. There are hundreds of shows running today that are targeted towards the teenage age group, such as “Riverdale” and “13 Reasons Why.” But shows like these and, as it seems, the majority of media targeted towards teens is not as relatable as producers may hope. The question is, what about “Big Mouth” makes it so much more realistic than other modern shows?

My personal theory is the animation style. When TV shows like “Riverdale” cast adults as high schoolers, teenagers don’t find them as relatable (for obvious reasons). However, due to the fact that big mouth is animated, it is made clear that the characters are supposed to be young teens rather than adults portraying teens.

Another possible explanation for “Big Mouth’s” popularity is the lack of censorship on the show. The writers don’t sugarcoat the struggles teenagers face. Rather, they play up these struggles for comedic value, yet this does not affect the relatability of the show.

I also think “Big Mouth” is relatable because it follows the story of multiple characters. Like I said before, every fan of the show seems to have one specific character they feel most connected to. I would credit this to the show portraying a side plot for each character. In my personal opinion, the writer of the show, Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg, are comedic geniuses, and I hope to see more content from them in the future.