Brinker embraces artistic talent

Senior Joette Brinker has found their passion at an early age—art. By experimenting with different techniques and mediums, along with learning from the critiques of others, Brinker has not only improved as an artist, but developed their own signature style.

“I am really into mixed media art, which means it incorporates more than one different mediums in a single art work,” Brinker said. “I feel like you can get so many more effects from meshing together separate mediums, and plus it’s like a giant surprise when you experiment with different stuff.”

Brinker often uses unusual items to create their art. In one art project, Brinker used paint brushes to create an animal sculpture.

“I particularly enjoy implementing candy foil or wrappers into my drawings as something that is unique to my own particular art style and voice,” Brinker said. “It’s just a fun twist on whatever my art piece is about…people are often very surprised and intrigued by it.”

Brinker experiments with a variety of different art forms, varying from sculpting, drawing, painting, photography and ceramics. Always looking for new ways to pursue their passion, Brinker is currently taking Graphic Communications at Four Rivers Career Center, exploring modern ways to embrace their talent.

“I’m still not 100 percent sure what I want to do yet, but as of this moment, I am leaning towards going into graphic design and work for a company creating designs for logos, advertisements and products…” Brinker said. “It is one of the more stable jobs in the creative field, but it also still allows me to exercise my creative passion.”

Although Brinker is unsure of where their future will take them, they are sure that when moving forward, art will always be a part of their life.

“I think that deep down everyone has that one thing that they are most passionate about, something that they are just meant​ to do,” Brinker said. “For me, that thing would be art. I have no choice but to follow what I am meant to do. Without it, my life wouldn’t be complete.”