EPIC Hour teachers to stay the same over high school career


Alyssa Luecke

A student navigates Naviance online. "Ideally, they can become another resource for students during their high school career," guidance counselor Bradley Kuntzman said. Naviance is one resource students will be learning how to work in during their EPIC hour this year.

There have been several changes at WHS this year, and some of them are here to stay for the years to come. As EPIC Hour swings back into action for the 2019-2020 school year, guidance has decided that teachers will remain with the same group of students each year.

After surveying the staff and hearing input from students, principal Dr. Kelle McCallum decided to switch from randomized groups to the new structure of the class in hopes that students will create a longer-lasting connection with teachers while also being provided with more resources. Along with this new structure, students can expect their EPIC Hours to be slightly different, as guidance counselors encourage teachers to make it their own. 

“We encourage teachers to forge connections and make EPIC Hour theirs,” guidance counselors Kathryn Sandoval and Bradley Kuntzman said. “I know some teachers have taken to doing things like bringing donuts in to help get to know their students, as they only have them in their EPIC Hour only eight times a school year.”

Students can expect to be more productive in their EPIC hours this year as well. With activities such as college and career planning opportunities, hearing from local business leaders about different jobs, resume building and working in Naviance, WHS has much to look forward to during their next year (or four) in EPIC Hour as students learn to navigate their futures.