NFL Power Rankings

1. New England Patriots

With the aging Tom Brady showing no signs of slowing down, the Patriots look like they are on their way to another Super Bowl. They have had injuries that could have slowed them down, but it helps that they have a somewhat easy schedule where the only game that will be competitive is at Gillette Stadium.

2. New Orleans Saints

The Saints seemed like they would be a team fighting for a wild card spot after quarterback Drew Brees injured his thumb. The backup for the Saints, Teddy Bridgewater, has shown that he is a worthy replacement for Brees while he is injured.

3. Seattle Seahawks

After  two straight Super Bowl appearances, the Seahawks haven’t done much in the playoffs in the past five years. Their roster has many bright spots, but they just can’t seem to get back to the Super Bowl. 

4. San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers have jumped out as a team that could do something this year. They don’t have many players on offense that strike you as superstar talent, but their dynamic run game is what they have leaned the most this year. They sit alone as the only undefeated team in the NFC currently.

5. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs have a star-studded offense that can keep up with any team, but what’s slowing them down is the defense. The incoming defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo has some talent featuring defensive tackle Chris Jones, cornerback Bashaud Breeland and safety Tyrann Mathieu. 

6. Green Bay Packers

With the aging Aaron Rodgers leading the offense, the Packers will be searching for another title to add to this storied franchise. New head coach Matt LaFleur has experience with coaching, though, having held various positions with 10 college and professional football teams.

7. Houston Texans

The Texans are a young team with big talent on both sides of the ball. The Texans have only six players that are older than 30 with a superstar quarterback leading the team. The Texans are a well-rounded team that can keep up with the other top teams in the league. They have a high probability of making the playoffs this year.

8. Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills have been the surprise team in 2019. They are in a division that is dominated by the Patriots with the other three teams usually not winning more than eight games.

9. Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are a team that has an easy division, but whether or not they make the playoffs will hinge on how they do against their division this season. They have a dual-threat quarterback in Lamar Jackson. He has the ability to throw for a big play or run for a first makes him an elite threat at QB.

10. Los Angeles Rams

After moving back to Los Angeles, the Rams have had success in the playoffs. In just their third year back in the City of Angels, they made it to the Super Bowl, though eventually lost to the Patriots 13-3. They are looking to continue their success and hoist the Lombardi trophy at the end of this season.