Costumes for Change

Teachers fundraise for Heifer International on Halloween


Oct. 31, 2019, WHS teachers dressed in costume to raise money for Heifer International through Interact’s fourth annual Halloween costume contest.

“We’ve been doing [the contest] since the club started,” Interact sponsor and history teacher Kerri Flynn said. “One of [Interact’s] missions is international philanthropy, and Heifer works all across the world. They’re an organization that works with developing nations to help people create sustainable livings. We picked it the first year and we stuck with it.”

To raise money, teachers encouraged students to donate change into their buckets throughout the day. Through their donations, students voted English teacher Rachel Stahl the winner of 2019, followed by science teacher Samantha Loepker and science teacher Amy Fecke. 

Stahl raised $73.87 while wearing the costume she put together of singer Billie Eilish.

“Some of [my jewelry] was a little J.Crew-esque and not so much Billie Eilish-esque, but finding that lime green baggy shirt was pretty easy. I just had to spray paint the Chanel logo on it—that was a little messy—and spray my hair,” Stahl said.

Together, teachers raised $264.71, which was enough to buy both an alpaca and a sheep for families through Heifer International.

“[Heifer International] comes in and they provide education, and then we raised the money to buy a goat and an alpaca, which Heifer provides to the family, who then take care of the animal and use the animal to help create economic independence,” Flynn said. “They’ll use the milk from the goat, and they’ll shear the alpaca and use the fleece to sell to others to create whatever they need.”

Stahl appreciated all the students who donated to buy the goat and alpaca, and she hopes to win the contest again next year.

“I love to win,” Stahl said. “It’s one of my favorite hobbies.”