‘Frozen 2’ a heart warming story, stunning animation


Photo Courtesy of Flickr

The first “Frozen” movie has captured the hearts of many people young and old, and “Frozen 2” will most likely do the same. “Frozen 2” was an outstanding movie with stunning and vivid animation that helped the characters and scenes come to life. The plot was also well thought out and moved steadily throughout the movie while sparring time for Olaf to sing some light hearted songs, and for Kristoff to sing a song that slightly resembled the Bohemian Rhapsody music video. 

The animation in the movie was spectacular showing definition in the clothing and environment during the course of the movie, this helped the movie come to life and helped the audience imagine what it would feel like if they too were in the movie. And the glossy coldness of the ice boat, the snowy patterns on Olaf’s snowman body and the animation of all the elements in the movie are just some examples of how “Frozen 2” placed things together in such high definition.

Although “Frozen 2” might have made audiences shiver at the thought of being in the forest or the slightly terrifying waters of the dark sea, the overall storyline warmed the hearts of many viewers, and showed the audience that people can do anything  through hard work and perseverance. The movie was filled with pushing through obstacles and doing the right thing when given a hard decision, and it also showed that the characters in the movie worked together to complete their goal.

As an enthusiastic Disney watcher I encourage everyone to go see “Frozen 2” because of the outstanding storyline and animation, and also because it teaches valuable lessons that you can take away for your everyday life.