Annual Brain Bowl competition takes place at WHS


Photo by Willa Reust

Pictured above are members of the winning team, “All I Want for Christmas is Your Defeat.” From left, are senior Sebastian Secor, sophomore Samantha Doepker, senior Audrey Bush and senior Ian Maloney. “Every year I get so excited because it’s the one time I get to show off my catalogue of semi-useless facts,” Bush said. “Doing it in front of the whole school is both awesome and nerve-wracking.” Along with placing first against students, the team also defeated an all teacher team.

The annual Brain Bowl competition was held Nov. 25-26. Brain Bowl is an academic competition where teams are quizzed on a variety of subjects. Open to all, students put together their own teams to participate. This year, the reigning champions, “All I Want for Christmas is Your Defeat,” placed first for the third year in a row.

Over the years, this team has undergone many changes, but the one constant is senior Audrey Bush. Bush plays on the WHS Scholar Bowl team— a team that practices and travels to compete in tournaments, similar to basketball, football, etc. Bush uses her knowledge and experience to take on her peers.

“The school brain bowl competition is very different from real Scholar Bowl, but I’m so glad our school does it. It’s really fun and unique and it involves everyone from all grades and learning styles…” Bush said. “I think the competition is a great idea for kids to get together and test their knowledge, even if they’re not in club Quizbowl.”

Other members of “All I Want for Christmas is Your Defeat” include sophomore Samantha Doepker, senior Ian Maloney and senior Sebastian Secor. A strong addition to the team, Doepker is also a member of the Scholar Bowl team. Last year, Doepker won a tournament at Sullivan playing solo, making her the first-ever girl to do so.

“It’s [Scholar Bowl] made some classes easier because I have that basic knowledge, and then you can add it,” Doepker said. “It’s been a way for me to make friends.”

Bush and Doepker have been a part of the Scholar Bowl program for six years. Both the club and competition have not only enjoyable, but educational.

“I genuinely love learning, and the things we learn about in Quizbowl truly go way beyond what schools teach, but less thoroughly and at a faster pace,” Bush said. “I love the broadness of the categories… I like to think it expands my knowledge of the world around me.”