A “popping” treat

Christmas Marshmallow Pops

As the air becomes crisp and the days grow to be dark, everyone is looking for a tasty way to warm their hearts and spark their taste buds. A fun and easy way to achieve your delicious goals is making Christmas Marshmallow pops.

These treats are quick and easy to make, only taking a half an hour. To make these tasty treats you will need

  • Regular size marshmallows
  • Ghirardelli melting chocolate wafers or chocolate chips
  • Red, white and green candy melts
  • Lollipop sticks


  • 1. Place 3 marshmallows on a lollipop stick.
  • 2. Cover marshmallows with melted chocolate.
  • 3. Allow the chocolate to dry.
  • 4. Melt Red, Green and White Candy melts in a plastic bags.
  • 5. Drizzle Red Candy Melt mixture over Marshmallow Pops.
  • 6. Drizzle Green Candy Melt mixture over Marshmallow Pops.
  • 7. Drizzle White Candy Melt mixture over Marshmallow Pops.
  • 8. Allow the Candy Melt drizzles to harden.

These marshmallow pops are a soft treat that can be eaten by children and adults. There is also a wide variety of decorating options you may do on your own with the candy melts and other candy additions. 

These treats can be changed into whatever you can think of, perfect for any occasion. The tasty marshmallow pops are a pop of flavor in your mouth. Enjoy!