Planning for the 2020 school year is stressful for students

Every time the new year approaches, it becomes time for the students of WHS to begin thinking about what comes next.

After coming back to school in January, students are brought to their same as well as new classes, and expected to jump straight back into the learning process. Coming back from an extended break means students are sleep deprived, out of focus, and forgetful of their knowledge from the previous semester.

Shortly after when the month of February comes along, students are expected to put together their schedules for the upcoming school year. As a Freshman or Sophomore, it is less stressful to pick your upcoming classes because you have less options. Juniors and Seniors have a variety of options, including off campus options like Four Rivers Career Center.

If you’re anything like me, the second I find out I have to pick my schedule within a month, I get planning immediately. There are so many questions I find myself asking. What if I don’t like the classes I pick for myself? Is this going to help me in my future? Will this allow me to reach my set credit goal?

Even though all of these questions are great to ask yourself, they are not worth dwelling on. Stressing out about your future is something every high school student things about at one time or another.

From the time you enter high school, you are told to think about how the classes you take impact your future. You are giving multiple surveys and quizzes to figure out your career path and told to base your classes off the careers that interest you based on the skills the quizzes tell you that you have.

In my opinion, I think the surveys and quizzes should be optional. Some high school students know going into high school what they want to do when they graduate. The ones who need the guidance should be offered the assistance. Any students who need any assistance when it comes to their schedule and the stress of going through and completing high school should see their guidance counselor or parental guardian.