8 Super Bowl party foods ranked

8) Deviled Eggs with Bacon: 

Hard-boiled eggs, peeled, cut in half and stuffed with a combination of cooked yolk, mayonnaise, mustard and spices. Although deviled eggs may not be for everyone, there are several recipes for people to try. Some include avocado, ham, or my personal favorite – bacon. The bacon is a great addition to a deviled egg’s unique texture, and not to mention, it makes them even more delicious. No matter the ingredients, deviled eggs with bacon should definitely be added to next year’s list of appetizers. 

7) Pigs In A Blanket: 

Easy and they taste good? It almost seems too good to be true. Most recipes for pigs in a blanket consist of only two or three ingredients and 15 minutes in the oven at most. Despite the lower ranking, I’ve experienced this appetizer be the first food to disappear at parties. This might be because they are popular with kids, but adults are no strangers to plucking food off the counters. Next time you need something that looks fancy (but really isn’t) in a pinch, pigs in a blanket might be your friend. 

6) Chips and Salsa/Guacamole: 

A classic that everyone can enjoy and the chips never seem to run out. This common party food is not only tasty, but also allows for some creativity. I can’t imagine how many salsa recipes there are, and people are free to serve as many as they like. Spicy? Check. Sweet? Check. Red sauce, green sauce? It’s up to the chef. And for those who can’t handle the heat, there’s the delicious green dip called guacamole, which might also assist in the presentation due to the fresh green color. If chips and salsa aren’t present at your next Super Bowl party, you might be stuck avoiding some glares. 

5) Pizza: 

Is it a meal or an appetizer? Who cares when there’s plenty of loud (and maybe even large) men, women and children sitting around the TV. It will probably get eaten in some way, shape or form. Once again, pizza also has the power to let creative juices flow, especially if it’s homemade. Online and in cookbooks, there are plenty of appetizer-specific mini pizzas, along with the overflowing options for sauces and toppings. Pizza is sure to please anyone, including picky eaters, at your next Super Bowl celebration. 

4) Buffalo Chicken Dip:

I had to include this one since I, oddly enough, saw several memes about it this year. Anyway, the buffalo chicken dip serving dish has almost never been even half full in my experience at family functions. This is not surprising, considering the wonderful combination of chicken, cream cheese, cheddar cheese and any other recipe’s ingredients included. It’s practically a hot wing you can eat more of, and tasty whether eaten with chips or veggies. As a Midwest classic, buffalo chicken dip better be there on the next game day. 

Photo Courtesy of Flickr
A plate of nachos topped with meat, tomatoes, beans, guacamole and sour cream.

3) Nachos: 

There are so many ways to serve nachos, you’re sure to please anyone. Toppings like cheese, beans and diced tomato are fairly common, and it makes sense since nearly everyone enjoys them. However, people can be quite daring with what they are willing to put their taste buds through. For instance, you can find recipes online with toppings like eggs and bacon, extra cheeses, Greek-style (includes hummus, kalamata olives, feta cheese and cucumber), and that’s only to name a few. Some people may also be willing to experiment on their own. Just be careful, though, because a big hit might turn out to be a swing and a miss. 


Photo Courtesy of Flickr
A group of past years’ Superbowl themed cupcakes on display.

2) Football-Themed Cupcakes:

Need I say more? Picture this, it’s a football celebration, and you want something sweet. As you meander into the kitchen, something crafty and mouthwatering catches your eye. ‘Well, isn’t that fitting?’ you ask yourself, and the answer is yes indeed. The baker of these cupcakes puts too much time and effort into their craft for those perfect, little, oval-frosted delights to not be eaten. Designing them can be fun, too, whether people make plain footballs or copy the logo of their preferred team, it would be a shame if these beauties weren’t invited to the appetizer table, even if it is technically dessert. 


Photo Courtesy of Needpix.com
A neatly prepared plate of chicken wings served with vegetables, bread and dipping sauce.

1)  Chicken Wings: 

Down to the nitty-gritty, and it sure smells good. With a side of ranch and blue cheese, hot wings are typically a huge hit. Not only are they easy to scarf down during a tense moment of the game, but they also taste like heaven. Sauce or no sauce, bone-in or boneless, drumstick or wing, they are good to eat in all forms. Whether they are homemade or ordered in, I’m sure no one will be disappointed with this popular choice.