Overcoming Obstacles

You can still be successful in a toxic home

Growing up in a broken home, I spent many years with a low GPA and horrible time management as a result. Throughout high school, I struggled with homework and responsibility, as it was hard to focus on school when my parents were fighting in the other room. 

Success is difficult to achieve when family members are not focused on what is best for you. Combating school work and other daily activities can be a burden in tough situations—but it is not impossible. 

The first step in creating a successful environment is prioritizing yourself. While living in an abusive household, I became so caught up in fixing the situation around me that I forgot who I was responsible for. It is important to remember that you are in control of your life and focusing your attention on other disputes will throw you off track. 

The second step in becoming successful is holding yourself accountable. I spent a lot of time making excuses and begging for extensions from teachers. Though managing assignments is difficult when you’re surrounded by household issues, turning assignments in late and slacking off only affects you. 

Lastly, I’ve noticed that communicating with my teachers and letting them know my situation allowed them to help me. Contrary to popular belief, your teachers don’t want to see you fail. By keeping a strong relationship with my teachers, I was able maintain decent grades and I felt like I had a team of people behind me. More often than not, your teachers and counselors are willing to help you. 

Even though I was living in a toxic home, I was still capable of maintaining grades and involving myself in extracurricular activities. I’ve attained large opportunities and made strong connections with my peers and teachers, which has put me on a path of success. 

Regardless of your situation, working hard and reaching out for help when you need it always leads you to something amazing.