Post preserves memories by recording YouTube videos


Emma Busch

Senior Drew Post poses with fellow theater students. “Just to constantly watch all of us simultaneously have such a good time,” Post said. He has been creating videos since he was young.

Watching YouTube videos is one of the many things some students do in their free time, and senior Drew Post not only likes watching YouTube videos, but he also enjoys making them. 

“I’ve been recording videos kind of my whole life. My sister would always steal the video camera and then we would always make little videos ourselves,” Post said. “When I was in middle school, we would buy candy at Five Below, and we would always make food-eating videos.”

There’s a lot of work that goes into making a video for YouTube, but Post takes on the challenges with determination. 

“Making cuts to videos is really hard because I don’t have a laptop or anything, I just edit on my phone, and that means the videos have to be 15 minutes no matter what,” Post said. “There will be some edits that I worked really hard on, and it took me a while to get them down and perfectly matched, and then I’ll just have to end up cutting for time.”

Having these videos up helps preserve the memories they contain, and it allows the people involved in the videos to be able to look back and remember all of the memories that were made. 

“I think that inspired me to record later because these are memories that I want to keep forever, so I think that’s the whole reason that got me recording. I wanted to keep my senior year forever,” Post said. “I get to go back and not only see my own reactions and see everyone else’s as well. Just to constantly watch all of us simultaneously have such a good time.”

These videos contain many great memories of hanging out with friends and important events in Post’s life, and because of these YouTube videos, he is able to look back and recall the amazing things he’s experienced.

“I record this because I want to keep them forever, and not because I’m trying to appeal to someone else because I think they’re going to like it. Make videos for you and always have fun while you’re doing it,” Post said. “Just keep videos for you. I wouldn’t try to appeal to a specific audience. I think the enjoyment comes from making videos for yourself.”