Students express creativity through photography

Many students invest their time into learning hobbies that allow them to express themselves. One hobby that students at WHS partake in is photography. Through photography, student photographers are given the opportunity to make basic scenery look like a masterpiece. 

Photography is an artistic hobby. While some may believe that photography is just the act of taking photos, student photographers are able to capture important moments in their lives and give others a chance to see their perspective. 

“I’ve always liked taking photos for fun,” junior Emma Duncan said. “Whether that be with friends, or sunsets or just [random objects].” 

Some students began taking photos when they were younger and continue to embrace this hobby. 

“I got a small neon green camera for Christmas when I was 10 and that’s when I fell in love with photography,” junior Lillian Nix said. “I took pictures of everything.” 

Practicing photography has taught some students the importance of slowing down and taking in the world around them.

“I’ve always been super impatient,” sophomore Olivia Berariu said. “It doesn’t always take one try to get the picture you want, so you have to keep trying.” 

While students are advancing into the professional world, the hobbies they practice may come as an aid as they figure out what they want to do in the future. 

“I decided to stick with [photography] because I had already developed a sense of familiarity with the camera,” Duncan said. “I also knew that if journalism is something I may possibly want to pursue, then having knowledge in two separate fields would come in handy.” 

Every photographer has a different taste. Photography is a varying form of art and while photographers may take similar photos, each one is unique. 

“My favorite things to photograph are my friends and family,” Nix said. “I also like taking pictures outdoors too, [such as] plants and animals.” 

Some students enjoy taking photos of social events and use photography as a means to capture memories. Other students use photography as a way to ease stress and take in their surroundings. 

“[I like] taking photos of plants and landscapes,” junior Kal-El Green said. “I get to lay back and take photos of beautiful objects and manipulate the world with the click of a button.” 

By devoting their time to an expressive hobby, student photographers at WHS have developed artistic skills, gained opportunities and taught themselves about the world around them. 

“I like being able to capture moments and look back on them,” Nix said. “[Taking photos has] taught me a lot of patience and helped me become more insightful.”