A community working together

Washington community continues to run during Covid-19 pandemic

During this time of uncertainty because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Washington, Mo. is doing its best to stay up and running for the people who live there. 

Essential places like grocery stores, restaurants and factories are staying open, even during the state’s stay at home order. Their workers are being put at risk for the virus every day, while they keep the community up and running. 

Some students here at WHS are still working as many other areas are shut down. Those who work in fast food have been put to the ultimate task of feeding the community even during this uncertain time. The workers must properly protect themselves while on the job and make sure their customers stay healthy as well, while also offering as many alternatives to traditional food service.

“I work at the subway, and our lobby is closed,” junior Caden Robertson said. “We now carry out and deliver.”

As the employees work to keep the community fed, they also must take deep measures to disinfect, clean and protect their stores and themselves. 

“Every hour we wipe down the counters and disinfect everything,” junior Lucas Rufkar said. “We have to all stay six feet apart (from each other) as well.”

Those working in food also must wear gloves and protective masks at all times to ensure safety. 

“We have new shields at work, and if we interact with customers, we must wear masks,” junior Ariel Pettis said. “This whole experience has changed my perspective of my job and how lucky I am to have it.” 

Not only are businesses such as Subway taking these precautions, smaller community businesses, such as Four Seasons Florist, are as well. 

“We are offering curbside pickup and we’ve raised money to send Easter flowers to nursing home residents in the area to bring them smiles,” employee Kamryn Mitchell said.

Because these stay-at-home changes can be detrimental to businesses, there are many ways these businesses have to adapt.

“We are kept on our toes and are constantly having to adapt and think of new and creative ideas to continue business,” Mitchell said.

Many businesses are also doing family meal offers, where they serve whole meals for great deals to help families get a great meal at a good price. 

Rothchild’s Family Restaurant has a certain meal deal they serve every day for low prices. The meal feeds four and comes with a main course, sides (including vegetables) and dessert. 

On top of the local meal deals, many fast food restaurants are also beginning to deliver food if they did not do so before to help make food easily accessible for those at home. 

In these dark times, the community, the government and the essential workers are all working together to keep the people strong, safe and healthy.

“We are so thankful for those who have continued ordering flowers from us during this time,” Mitchell said. “We really appreciate the community’s support.”