‘Outer Banks’: TV Review

As Netflix releases its latest cliche teen mystery, “Outerbanks” (OBX) is designed to be a suspenseful masterpiece that brings viewers to the edge of their screens but has instead appeared to be a carbon copy of other Netflix shows that are unbelievably predictable.

Taking place in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the show brings the audience along a roller coaster ride of bland emotions as a small group of teens search for the buried treasure and fight with their lives to keep it in their grasp.

The island is divided into two groups — the Pogues, who are the lesser fortunate kids of the island and obviously the good guys, and the Kooks, who scream daddy’s money in every which way. John B (Chase Stokes) narrates and leads the story as the son of a dead man who spent the majority of his adult life searching for the Royal Merchant, a sunken ship said to have gone down with $400 million worth of British gold aboard. While not having any form of guardianship around, John B still has his dysfunctional functional friends to keep him in check: J.J. (Rudy Pankow), the troublemaker son of an abusive drunk; Pope (Jonathan Daviss), the supposed genius of the group who continually makes stupid decisions; and Kie (Madison Bailey), the Kook turned Pogue who’s allowed to stay because everyone in the group is in love with her. For every good, there is bad. The Kooks are led by the one and only Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline), who of course has everyone wishing they were dating her or wishing they were her. She is, in fact, the least agitating character in the show, but with every pretentious rich girl comes the classic stuck up, overprotective, headache-inducing rich boyfriend, Topper (Austin North).

This insight on the characters alone can lead the mind to wander and start to assume what relationship will form amongst the troubled teens, but the only way to truly know what happens is to watch the show. The 10 episodes might add up to be just another classic cliche, but who doesn’t love cliches. To bring more to the table, the producers of “OBX” recently announced that the second season will be released in July of 2020.