Standardized testing should be left offline

Standardized testing should be left offline

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ACT testing is something that we all know and have stressed out about for generations. Over the past year, ACT testing has gone online, which is different from the original paper testing that we are used to. Although we are in the generation where online schoolwork and testing is taking the world by storm, I believe that standardized tests such as the ACT should stick to the traditional pencil and paper.

Of course, testing in general is not a top favorite for a high school student. Standardized testing online is something that is fairly new to the school district, and can lead to many errors in technology alone. Computers could crash, wifi could go out, things could not submit properly. According to, after giving a standardized math test to eighth graders, the kids who took the test online scored four points lower than the kids who took the test on paper. Along with lower test scores, testing can also leave physical harm on the human body. Doctors recommend that people only look at computers for three hours a day– the ACT is a four-hour long test. People who look at a computer screen for longer than three hours can experience symptoms such as eye discomfort, headaches, itchy eyes, dry or watering eyes, burning sensations, changes in color perception, blurred vision and difficulty focusing, according to An eye strain is a type of repetitive strain injury that is caused by insufficient rest periods. This could be prevented if the test remained on pencil and paper.

Although the online standardized testing is brand new, many people that like online testing would argue that online ACT testing would be more efficient because it helps them on sections such as the reading portion so they don’t have to be switching back and forth and would save time and improve your score. I think that is a good point considering that I did not have time on certain parts of the ACT, but I believe that it helps more if students stick to taking it on paper. 

Although standardized testing will most likely be all online, take into consideration the students taking the tests. They want to get into their dream college and if students are scoring lower online, the chances of them getting into college is lower. Standardized testing should be left on paper and pencil.